We're located at:    124 Eilertson St.,  Saint Helens, OR. 97051

E-MAIL:     info@laconianiron.com

We offer a couple of other interesting opportunities.  On occassion we will Tweet about various Deals on products that need to be cleared out, and also on Remnents of materials left over from the manufacturing process.  Our "Followers" have a chance to react to these opportunities that occassionaly arise by subscribing to the lists mentioned below.


DEALSDEALS:      @LaconianDeals

REMSREMS:       @LaconianRems          

We also maintain a Facebook page where you can look through the photo section at our products and read our customers comments.

FACEBOOK:        http://www.facebook.com/HomeOf.LaconianIronWorks

Our Location,  a Map:

124 Eilertson St.